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Our team has years of experience cleaning up enterprise tech debt and optimizing digital information systems. We understand the importance of system reliability, security, and performance.

Rubber Gloves

Digital Cleanup Services

Let's face it, the digital world is a mess and getting messier every day. What we do at AppGlo is work tirelessly to clean it up. It's that simple.


You likely don't pay your engineers to sweep the office floors. Why are you expecting them to clean up after legacy garbage data left in every corner of your information spaces?


We can look over your entire stack and identify opportunities to save time and money and leave your employees feeling better about their digital workspaces guaranteed.

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Data Privacy Assurance

GDPR Compliance Assurance: We’ll probe your online presence, test your communications and review public privacy statements to expose any cracks in compliance and report them back to you. Learn More...

Data Protection Impact Assessment: We can work with you to perform an initial GDPR required impact assessment.


Record of Processing Activities: Detailing the types of processing activities your organization is engaged in to meet regulatory obligations.


Custom IT Configuration

With over a decade of experience in the industry, AppGlo, Inc. has become a trusted provider of custom IT configuration services with our team of certified experts. 

We understand the importance of a well-configured IT infrastructure, and how it can improve efficiency and productivity.


That's why we've committed ourselves to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals through custom solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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