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Sigma Software

Software Developer

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Flash/flex, ISO certified, .net, java, javascript, PHP, python, AR/VR dev, web dev, mobile dev

A Bit About Sigma Software

If you are thinking about improving your website design, testing your software, or developing new tools, Sigma Software has you covered.


One of the bigger companies originating from Ukraine, Sigma Software can handle a wide variety of different software requests from graphic design to software testing. They can handle big projects requiring 15 employees and up to 5 years of work, but most of their projects are small and are completed in 6 months. The war in Ukraine has created a challenge for the company. Using a savvy BCP, Sigma was able to relocate 95% of all their employees in just two weeks and get them all back to work.

Our Experience with Sigma Software

We would recommend Sigma Software for anyone wanting assurances of security, compliance, and stability.  They are well organized and have solid support from a parent corporation.


We reached out to Sigma through their online contact form, and they responded within 24 hours (in English). We had a meeting with them on March 30th. Communication during the meeting was good. They had great English and seemed very well organized.

After the meeting, they followed up and asked for more details on the report. The representative we talked to even sent us a personal email a few weeks later wishing us a happy Easter.

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