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Software Development

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Android, .net, C#, iOS, Java, PHP, Python, RoR

A Bit About nCube

In regard to their relationships, nCube chooses quality over quantity. For nCube, the most important side of their company is their clients.  They are 100% dedicated to forming long term relationships with each client they work with.


nCube uses two different models to provide services to their clients based on needs.  In their ‘Team extension’ model, they provide your in-house team with talent that is flexible and able to adapt to your needs.  In their ‘Stand Alone Delivery Center’ they custom build a team of their own software engineers to help you find the solutions you need.


The war has brought multiple difficulties to their company. Like many others, they are forced to stay in their houses and cannot go into the streets.  Many employees were given vacation time to leave the country or to get to a safe place to work remotely, and this has not caused any significant disruption to their clients. 

Our Experience with nCube

We filled out their online contact form and received a response right away (in English). Finding a time where we could both meet was a bit challenging, but we did have a good meeting with them. After the call, they sent us some files with more information on their company as well as a cool promotional video. However, when we followed up to ask them some more questions, we have yet to receive a response. 

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