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Software Development

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Agile dev, custom dev, mobile dev, web design/dev

A Bit About Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a global provider of Ukrainian based development teams. They specialize in providing dedicated developers to work with you on a full-time basis (40 hours per week), stick to the roadmap set by you, and serve as a remote extension of your development team. The company also provides HR services, hardware, software, accounting, and legal services. While their headquarters are in Kyiv, they still have capacities to search for resources (both for dedicated development model and pure recruitment model) from other countries as well, including Portugal, Baltic countries, ex-Yugoslavian countries, Georgia, Azerbaijan, or pretty much any country of the client's choosing.

Our Experience with Mobilunity

We reached out to Mobilunity through their website contact form and received a response the next day (in English). We have not met with them personally but the representative we emailed with was very communicative and her responses were thorough (and written in exceptional English). We were sent a summary of services provided and also the company’s corporate presentation. The longest we had to wait for a response was two or three days after we asked a few follow-up questions, but the response we received was detailed and well thought-out.

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