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Product Information Software

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E-commerce, product data management, product data sydication, product data transformation

A Bit About Gepard

Gepard offers both an e-commerce data management software product and teams for software development. 

Product: Data syndication, data transformation, and data management. PIM solution keeps all product information structured and centralized in one place. The product helps standardize format and structure of data between companies and partners.

Outsourcing service: Can provide dedicated teams of developers, specializing in B2B or B2C e-commerce.

Our Experience with Gepard

Of all the companies we have met with, we are most excited about Gepard. Their technology is fascinating, and we are interested in perhaps utilizing it ourselves.

Gepard responded within one business day and immediately sent us a link to a Calendly scheduler so that we could sign up for a time that worked for us. We were able to meet with two employees from Gepard on a video call. Both employees on the call were friendly, helpful and had great English.


They answered all of our questions thoroughly and also talked about how the war had affected them personally, as well as the company. Immediately following the meeting, they sent us a follow-up email thanking us and telling us to email them any more questions we had about the company. When we sent a status report a few weeks later, they responded within one business day.

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