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Artificial Intelligence

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B2B, call center, customer support, marketing automation, SaaS

A Bit About EVE.calls

EVE.calls is a human-like voice robot that helps companies to support, sell, notify and survey customers over the phone and supports over 100 different languages, including English. The company employees are currently relocating to Poland and looking into getting VISAs for Canada. Because of the conflict many of their Ukrainian clients and business stopped operating, causing the company itself to operate on reserve funds. They are directly working with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and the government by sending out voice recordings across the country and communicating with Russia to stop the war.


Example of EVE.calls and President Zelensky's work

Our Experience with EVE.calls

We recommend EVE.calls for call centers or voip tech. EVE.calls’s very specific technical solutions could be great for this industry. The CEO of EVE.calls, Oleksii, responded to our initial contact within hours of our sending it and expressed his willingness to meet with us. Our email was sent in both Ukrainian and English. He first responded in Ukrainian, but subsequent responses were in English. We met with him over Zoom a couple of days later. We had a great meeting, and his English was excellent. He was cooperative, informative, and very responsive. Immediately after the call, he sent us a follow-up email with several documents attached that we had requested during the meeting.

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