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Recruitment Software

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Applicant Tracking System, CRM, Recruitment Software

A Bit About CleverStaff

Cleverstaff is what its name implies, it is a clever tool for filling in vacancies and finding the right candidates for the job. Cleverstaff will pull information from sources like LinkedIn and create a candidate profile and will then create tasks and contact them all through the platform. Through Cleverstaff you can also check reports and statistics of User Performance and create your own report. Most of the employees are in Western Ukraine, very close to the Poland border and are fully operational despite the conflict in Ukraine.

Our Experience with CleverStaff

Cleverstaff responded to our email within two business days with a message explaining the basics of the company as well as its current operational status. We communicated back and forth and eventually set up a call over Google Meet.


The two representatives on the call with us were extremely enthusiastic about working with us, although the language barrier made communication a bit difficult.


Four days after our meeting, they sent us a follow-up email in English asking us to send any more questions we had for them. We did so but received no response. However, the next day they wrote to us through a previous email thread and said something about not being able to contact us, so perhaps someone’s email was never received. Regardless, they did respond promptly to our status update email several days later.

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