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Project Management

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Project Management, Saas

A Bit About Casual.PM

Casual.PM is a visual project and process management app created in Ukraine. Their goal is to give companies a simple but powerful toolset for dealing with complex recurrent projects and processes. The app saw its public release in the Summer of 2014 and in late 2020, they started developing the next generation of our application, with a planned release date in 2022.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, their team shrank due to various circumstances, and they had to flee their homes and adapt to working in the new conditions. Casual is a remote-first company and keep most of their processes automated. Because of this, their customers hardly noticed any changes. They are strong believers in the recovery of the Ukrainian people and economy following the end of the war.

Our Experience with Casual.PM

After several days of receiving no response to our initial email, we reached out to the company via Facebook Messenger, and they responded that very day. After going back and forth on Messenger, the CEO of the company emailed us (in English) with a description of their product as well as a summary of their company’s status since war broke out. However, we have not received a response to our next email containing some follow up questions.

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